Health risk assessment using different human biomonitoring data and alternative approaches

Toxicology is an interdisciplinary field of knowledge that draws on the expertise of basic sciences such as biology, chemistry, medicine and pharmacology. Toxicologists study substances that are harmful to humans, and also the manner in which they affect living organisms.

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Recently, chemicals that have the ability to disrupt hormonal balance have been of great interest to researchers around the world. This issue is also being addressed by scientists from the Chair and Department of Toxicology at the Medical University of Gdańsk, headed by Bartosz Wielgomas, PhD, associate professor. The team is also looking for new methods to assess the extent to which an individual or a population are exposed to specific chemical agents. Investigated for this purpose are the silicone bands, whose structure allows them to absorb and accumulate substances present in the environment. Based on their chemical analysis, it is possible to estimate which substances and in what concentration a person is exposed to in a given environment (e.g. at work).

With the knowledge of toxicology, the relevant authorities can ensure that the conditions in which we function do not pose significant risks to our health.

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