Managing biodiversity on forests and urban green spaces

Understanding the relationship between wildlife biodiversity and zoonotic diseases (zoonoses) in the light of ongoing climate changes is a significant challenge for scientists. However, it is crucial for taking action towards informed and sensible management of the ecosystem. The BioRodDis project – Biodiversity management in forests and urban green spaces: the impact of dilution and amplification effects on the rodent microbiome and rodent-borne diseases contributes to scientists from the Medical University of Gdańsk to broaden the knowledge on this issue. Prof. Maciej Grzybek, PhD, from the Department of Tropical Parasitology at the Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine, is heading a team that is conducting a project to analyse the ecology of diseases transmitted by rodents living in forests and urban green areas in central-western Europe. The findings, which are being carried out in collaboration with teams from France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, are expected to provide evidence that joint strategies of public health and conservation programmes can help prevent the occurrence and spread of zoonotic pathogens.


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