Research on pancreatic organoid culture model

The employees and doctoral students of the Department of Pharmaceutical Pathophysiology are involved in the implementation of the international PRECODE (PancREatic Cancer OrganoiDs sEarch) project.
The main research model of the project is the organoids. These are miniature, simplified versions of organs that retain key features of real tissues, and thus better represent the conditions in a cancerous tumour as compared to traditional cell lines. Organoids can be used to reduce animal experimentation and help achieve the 3Rs target. In the future, the use of pancreatic organoids created from patient cells could lead to the development of personalized medicine that is targeted and highly effective against pancreatic cancer.

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The research conducted at our University will help develop a research model that involves the interaction of platelets with organoids, which is important in the context of drug resistance and development of new effective therapies. In addition, the team plans to screen potential anticancer activity of new gold nanoparticles functionalized with chemotherapeutics, taking into account their cellular and molecular mechanisms of action, as well as to evaluate the ability of selective transport of the drug into tumour cells. The project has been made possible due to the cooperation with the following clinicians: Stanisław Hać, PhD with habilitation, Associate Professor, Prof. Jacek Zieliński, Prof. Wojciech Biernat, Rafał Pęksa, PhD and Michal Bienkowski, PhD. The project provides an opportunity for young scientists from around the world to develop their skills in the study of pancreatic organoids. The researcher who came to Gdańsk Medical University as part of the project is Shaoshan Mai, a graduate student in pharmacy at Chongqing Medical University. The PRECODE project is funded by the Horizon Research and Innovation Programme grant (MSCA ITN competition).
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